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Woman breast is depauperate
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Brief introduction: Woman breast is depauperate it is to show the breast is too small after woman adolescence. The breast is before 18 one full year of life development is perfect, not the grown woman breast of lactation is regular hemisphere form, nervous and bouncy. Western medicine thinks this disease and estrogen secrete inadequacy to concern. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks mammary development puts in kidney place 's charge advocate, concern with liver.

Diagnostic point: After woman adolescence, the breast is compressed do not rise, be like a man very, can diagnose this disease. Still diagnose a standard without ration at present.

Western medicine cure: Second of profess to convinced is phenolic 2 milligram, 1 day 3.

Chinese traditional medicine treats:

1. Kidney enrages inadequacy

Expression: Woman breast is too small, two bosoms are even, menstrual menarche is later, vaginal secretion is little, form cold limb is cold. Glossal weak liver mosses is white, heavy slim and fragile of arteries and veins.

In officinal: ① river car makes ball greatly, every time 9 grams, daily 2, warm boiled water sends take. ② chelonian deer 2 glue bolus, every time 9 grams of 6 ~ , daily 2, warm boiled water sends take.

Dietotherapy: Antler glue 25 grams, rice 100 grams, a surname child 10 grams. A surname child after clear water immerses 2 hours, boil congee together with rice. After congee is ripe, enter antler peptization, daily cent is taken 2 times feed.

2. Liver kidney deficient empty

Expression: Menstrual menarche is later, quantity little quality is weak, mammary evenness does not rise, spirit is depressed, pectoral coerce not easy. Glossal red liver mosses is thin, bowstring of arteries and veins is fine.

In officinal: ① puts in bolus of Shao glutinous rehmannia 's charge, every time 9 grams, daily 3, warm boiled water sends take. Bolus of kidney of ② nourishing liver, every time 9 grams, daily 2, warm boiled water sends take.

Dietotherapy: Without

Family from cure:

1. Massage: Lubricant of a few of the besmear on preexistence breast, sitting hold out a bosom, with both hands by costal region to in push a breast 10 ~ 30; Hold a breast in the palm from lower part again, push 10 ~ 30 times up, the movement wants slow, want forcibly even. Next, the five fingers is apart, knead whole breast with the palm, first clockwise, hind anticlockwise direction, each 20 ~ 30. Finally, with forefinger and middle finger even ground is pressed knead whole bosom 1 ~ 3 minutes.

2. Bosom takes exercise: Push-up and situp are done 15 times each before falling asleep every night, make an appointment with 5 minutes every time.

Life clew: Green budding woman, do not want bundle of bosom and cross close bust bodice, strengthen bosom to take exercise, this conduces to mammary development. Want to strengthen nutrition, eat tallow fat more appropriately, do not be on a diet, this pair prevents and treat this disease to all have better effect. In addition, although estrogen of profess to convinced is effective, but side effect is more, do not want to be used easily.
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