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What is the account that mammary gland hyperplasia produces
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Mammary gland hyperplasia, namely mammary gland is epithelial and proliferous, include two kinds of cases: It is pure sex mammary gland epithelial hyperplasia, because be,give priority to sorely with the breast, friend says again for " of " breast painful disease, hind because of a few more domestic and international the scholar points out breast is painful for one clinical symptom, unfavorable as ill name, and lacteal painful reason is very much, at present most scholar advocates reason to still use mammary gland to organize disease of hyperplasia of hyperplasia or flocculus of pure sex mammary gland this one name; Another kind is bursa unripe mammary gland is epithelial and proliferous, give priority to because of changing with bursa sex, call sex of bursa of chronic mammary gland proliferous disease again.
The reason that mammary gland hyperplasia produces is very not clear, likelihood and female endocrine lead chaos to concern.
Disease of hyperplasia of mammary gland flocculus may be estrogen level level of exorbitant, progesterone crosses low be caused by, the epithelial hyperplasia that main pathological change is end breast canal and gland bubble and fall off, those who bring about mammary gland conduit is light spend dilate.
Disease of hyperplasia of sex of mammary gland bursa may be the result with long-term exciting estrogen, main pathological change is tracheal and epithelial hyperplasia, tracheal dilate tracheal bursa sex changes.
Also somebody thinks, disease of hyperplasia of sex of mammary gland bursa is estrogen suffers what the mammary gland that interaction causes system organizes to retreat a gender to change with its.

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