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How should adolescence protect a breast
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Adolescent breast produces change, girl not only to its due and enough understanding and understanding, and should learn to protect a breast.
The method of specific protection breast has:

1. Do not cross too close, narrow small underwear, or had adorned small bust bodice, will make the tit is answered because of long-term oppressive tit otherwise shrink.

2. The tit answers the person that shrink, often should use unplug grandma implement unplug suck, make a tit highlight, with benefit henceforth sucking.

3. Often clean tit.

4. The girl enters youth after development period, the breast increases faster, gradually apophysis becomes hemisphere entity, the tit is on in the center of. This need adorns suitable bust bodice. The age is too small person, unfavorable adorn bust bodice.

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