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What does the cause that causes symptom of male breast development have
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Disease of male breast development is a kind of common disease, almost visible at any ages, come 85 years old to all can happen by 7 years old, but see more mix at adolescence the turn of life. Clinical go up to think this disease and endocrinopathy, estrogen secretes overmuch, androgen commonly concern too less. Besides the pathogeny may have: Disease of thyroid function hyperfunction, the sexual development such as deformation of male false couple is disorder, spermary swollen tumour or sexual function drop disease, adrenal coriaceous tumour, megalakria, traumatic sex paraplegia, spermary atrophy or excision, the cirrhosis of the liver disease that causes liver to be able to drop, kidney function decline, blood is dialytic already counted Zhou Huo several days, because food increases,cause mammary hypertrophy, a lot of hormone inside body are unusual, congenital spermary is depauperate, the sexual precocity of hypertrophy of pure sex breast, the 3rd ventricle or tumour of grave head bottom, skull pharynx manages tumor, long-term breast uses hormone of sexual gland of estrogen, androgen, chorion hurried, digitalis, isoniazid, reserpine to wait.

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