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Hormone and mammary development
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Hormone of the leaf before hypophysis is ovarian to the before affecting hypophysis Xie Yu of mammary gland development below normal circumstance the adjustment that there is a function between each other concerns. Ovarian function is low, the Xie Gongneng before hypophysis increases, conversely, when ovarian function hyperfunction, the function of the leaf before hypophysis drops.
Not pregnant woman, although there often are many hormones to spur mammary gland growth inside body, but their mammary gland still does not have gland bubble, the breast is in charge of composition by the mammary gland of a lot of chief body, this explains the breast still does not have development, and be in only gravid later, the estrogen in blood increases greatly, as a result of the grow in quantity of estrogen, make mammary gland canal grows very longly, give birth to a lot of branch, the grow in quantity of the progestational hormone in blood, make gland is in charge of endmost gland bubble to increase gradually, flocculus gradually development, at this moment mammary gland is puffier. The experiment also proves, estrogen basically stimulates the hyperplasia that mammary gland is in charge of, progestational hormone spurs the growth of gland bubble. But only these two kinds of hormone are to cannot make a breast complete of development, must have hormone of the leaf before hypophysis participate in, grow namely hormone, candy is coriaceous hormone (or ACTH) and the joint action such as the element that urge breast, ability makes a breast complete development.
The influence of  ovarian hormone to mammary gland development  female after adolescence, ovarian in follicular maturity, secrete estrogen in great quantities, mammary gland is right now rapid development, apparently puffy. This function is to be in before hypophysis below foliaceous hormone control, estrogen ability has the job. The more or less is in charge of with breast second birth of estrogen, direct ratio is become inside some kind of limits, the estrogen of excessive, cannot promote the growth of mammary gland not only, still can restrain mammary gland growth instead. The exudation that this is the leaf before restraining pituitary because of many estrogen function. The hormone of hurried sexual gland of the leaf before hypophysis secretes a bring down, this also makes ovarian endocrine function low, affect the growth of mammary gland consequently.
 is in ovarian secrete corpus luteum ketone previously, gland flocculus growth is extremely narrow. After the gender is mature, especially between gestation, relapse in the combination of corpus luteum ketone and estrogen below action, gland flocculus can fill minute of development. The development of gland flocculus, need the hormone stimulation via particular strength, and the action of proper proportional estrogen and corpus luteum ketone, otherwise, what extreme breast is in charge of is epithelial easy happening unusual, for example bursa sex hyperplasia is ill.
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